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We’re a culture company made up of founders, self-starters and Futurists on the same path as you. We’re going to change how the world manages work, people and culture. We built Black Unicorn because people are burning out doing work they’re not passionate about for companies that don’t move society forward.

We’ve worked in corporates, early-stage startups and growth stage startups (including Brands expanding internationally), so we’ve lived through all the real struggles of hiring, developing and holding onto amazing people. We’ve also seen how hard it is for Futurists and the creators of ‘different’ to find their tribe.

So we got our minds together to design a new blueprint of work that will move the world forward. Because we believe there’s a link between using your talent and brainpower for good, and being happy while doing it.

Our Values


We want to create spaces
where everyone can win


We stand for and with potential and
new and different ways of thinking


We will always be for
humans above the money


We want you to be you and
bring your total self, just as we do


We put the future
and a progressive mindset over the past


We approach every situation with an open
mind to find or create a solution that fits


We give the necessary lift
and can be provocative when needed
to make you “go for it”


We will always be upfront
and real in everything we do

our futurist-in-chief

Meet our fierce Founder & CEO Jason Touray…

“I founded Black Unicorn to help wildcard talent like me find their place in the world, and because I’ve seen the workplace become increasingly stripped of its humanity – it’s toxic and terrifying.

We believe that people need to play to their superpower strengths, and if you put them in the right culture, and the right purpose, they will drive the bottom line faster than any of your competitors.”